JFF Academy On Track

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Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) general secretary Raymond Grant says that the FIFA Forward Programme, under way at the Football Centre at the University of the West Indies (UWI), should be completed by the end of the year, as long as everything goes to plan.

The FIFA Forward Programme is a partnership between football’s world governing body and the JFF, which will see the construction of a dormitory complex to accommodate national teams. This will include 24 double, occupancy rooms for teams, two rooms for staff, a dining area, a lounge, a reception and catering facilities.

Grant said that once the project is completed, how it is used is important to how the sport goes forward in Jamaica.

“It all depends on how you structure your programme, which speaks to how long these players participate in the programme, in the facility,” he said.

He told The Sunday Gleaner that the project, when completed, would accommodate more than just players learning the game.

“Coaching will be done there, lecturing. Anything to do with the technical development of the national programme will centre around the facility,” he said. Read more

Source: Jamaica Gleaner