US-born Blake White catches Reggae Boyz fever

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ST THOMAS, US Virgin Islands — Blake White’s hopes and aspirations for Jamaica’s Under-17 football team pretty much sum up the goals of all his teammates.

The others may have said it differently, but at the end of the day, they all want the same thing. They may all share the lofty dream of playing in the World Cup, but more importantly for them, they want it to be said they did their best should they fall short in that glorious pursuit.

And who could ask for more?

“It would make me very excited to play in the World Cup and it would make me feel good to represent one of my countries on a big stage like that, doing what I like to do,” he shared with the Jamaica Observer.

In pursuit of the World Cup dream which has started with the first round of the Caribbean World Cup qualifiers being staged in the US territory of the Virgin Islands, White has figured that taking care of affairs at the business end is the only sure way to keep his team on course.

“We would like to score as many goals as we possibly can and win every game by a good margin, and I would like to score a couple of goals myself and assist with a couple of goals myself,” he said.

White, who lives in Atlanta, Georgia, says World Cup ambitions apart, playing for his ancestral home is a big deal for him and his parents.

“I am excited to be playing for the Jamaica national team, and my parents, who are Jamaicans, are also excited that I can play for the country where they grew up,” White said at the team’s hotel in St Thomas yesterday, the day his team was due to bow into action in Group Four of the CFU play-offs against Guyana at the Lionel Roberts stadium. Read more

Source: Jamaica Observer