Meeting Held with Montego Bay United

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The Jamaica Football Federation on Friday convened a meeting with representatives of Montego Bay United Football Club (MBUFC); the Premier League Clubs Association (PLCA) and the Professional Football Association of Jamaica (PFAJ).

The meeting was called in response to an appeal to the Federation by the MBUFC to intervene in an impasse between the Club and the Premier League Clubs Association.

The meeting was cordial and all parties put their respective positions up for discussion.

The following were the main decisions emerging from the discussions:

  1. MBUFC will be “re-admitted” to the membership of the PLCA effective April 1, 2017.
  2. That the privileges once enjoyed by the MBUFC as a member of the 12 Clubs of the PLCA be restored.
  3. A clear written statement will be provided to the MBUFC outlining the club’s responsibilities as a member of the PLCA.

The JFF re-iterated clearly the responsibility of all clubs to utilise all applicable, existing regulations and codes to ensure a smooth end to the season. Accordingly, the JFF along with its partners, the PFAJ and PLCA will be closely monitoring the end of season fixture to ensure that all clubs respect the existing regulations. MBUFC in particular was asked to ensure that nothing was done to bring the game into disrepute for the remaining fixture of this season and for seasons to come. The JFF re-iterated that all stakeholders, primarily sponsors, but including spectators and media needed to be satisfied with the quality of the end of season.

All parties committed to begin a full review of the national premier league within two weeks of the end of season. This will include a review of the regulations and codes as well as establishing greater clarity to the roles of each of the three entities.