Simoes says football success will come with spirit of unity

Rene Simoes continues to hold Jamaica’s football and the people very dear to his heart.Even though he may never return as a coach for a third stint in charge, and he has said so, he still avails himself for advice or in any other unofficial capacity.

On a recent visit to the island where he mixed a little business with pleasure, the charismatic Brazilian continued to drop his philosophical gems when he urged Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) officials that repeat World Cup success will only come when every person involved sees him or herself as a vital component.

Also, Simoes encouraged a commonality of purpose — all parts pulling in one direction.

“You must have one mind… you can’t have two minds. When I spoke with the people at the Federation today (last Thursday) I told them that if you don’t think you are a part of the programme, and if you don’t think the programme can fail or succeed with you, then forget it. You have to create that atmosphere,” he told the Jamaica Observer.

Simoes, who has the distinction of leading Jamaica’s historical and only qualification to a senior World Cup Finals in France 1998, recollected that when he first arrived in Jamaica the division in football was glaring between the social classes.

“When I came, there was a division in spirit as the poor people loved football and the rich people didn’t like football, but what you think happened? Everybody came together and when they were all in the stadium, you didn’t know who was rich and poor as everybody sat together in the same space and this is how you create the spirit of nationalism… so we have to galvanise,” noted the Brazilian. Read more

Source: Jamaica Observer