Now Coaches of Young ones get targeted focus

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Some twenty-six coaches from mainly preparatory school level will begin a CONCACAF D Licence course on Tuesday, June 6. The course will end on June 9th and will be held at the JFF Football Center, UWI.

The course falls under the CONCACAF ‘Train the Trainers’ program and is aimed at continuing to improve the standard of football within the region. The program is organised in three phases.

  • Phase 1: A two day program to prepare coaches for delivery of the CONCACAF D Licence course. This was already conducted by CONCACAF Licensed Instructor and JFF’s Director of Football, Vin Blaine. The instructors were Miguel Coley, Davion Ferguson, Wendell Downswell, Harry Nelson and Leeroy Gray.
  • Phase 2: Delivery of a four day D Licence course by these Instructors with the supervision of Mr. Blaine.
  • Phase 3: Evaluation and assessment of the Instructors.

The JFF approached JISA as a partner out of the recognition that the content of the D Licence course will best help at the age group.

The Opening Ceremony will take place Tuesday, June 6 at 9:00am at the Technical Center

This program continues the JFF’s determined focus on coaching education and offering opportunities to our coaches