Gaynor Aims To Build On Burrell Legacy

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New Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) interim president Bruce Gaynor wants to make a big impact in his two months in the role. The former St James Football Association president says he intend to use his time in office to build on what former president Captain Horace Burrell left behind.

Gaynor was elected interim boss of the JFF after beating fellow vice-president, Raymond Anderson, 12-4, in the by-elections on Saturday at the JFF’s headquarters in New Kingston.

“At the end of the day, I am the president of the JFF and I must leave a legacy for myself, even though I am going to try and build on the legacy of Captain Burrell,” he said.

“I want to add on what he left. If I can make it more magnanimous, that would be great, because, in two months, there is not much to talk about me. So whatever Captain had, we must move it up a notch and it would have left the JFF a better place,” he reasoned.

Since Burrell became ill, the vice-presidents and the secretariat have worked closely together to carry out the responsibilities of the federation, Gaynor noted, but with his experience in managing and as an administrator, he hopes to make some positive improvements.

“Since Captain’s illness, the vice-presidents and the secretariat make all decisions. This is just a continuation of that process, but I am a very inclusive leader. I am not autocratic, so the vice-president will work with the secretariat and myself and report to the board. But in the two months I am there, I need to see the changes I can make to enhance the federation,” he said. Read more

Source: Jamaica Gleaner