Reggae Boyz vs USA: A Possible Strategy?


In just under 2 weeks, The Reggae Boyz will face United States in a crucial World Cup Qualifier at THE OFFICE. Now, the last time both teams met were at the 2011 CONCACAF Gold Cup in 2011 at the Quarter finals stage. The Yanks got the better of the Boyz on that occasion with a 2-0 win. There was a few tactical flaws which the Boyz can improve moving into the game on September 7th.

Looking at that game from the Gold Cup, Jamaica’s problem was that we generally had 3 v 1 at the back, which then created a shortfall in midfield, where the US could gather bodies, pass around Jamaica’s midfield, and dominate possession of the ball, thus creating more chances and putting intense pressure on our defense.

USA’s Dominance in the Midfield. Red dots being the USA and Yellow being Jamaica.


For Jamaica to get a positive Result vs USA, Jamaica will have to play to their strengths and in that matter we have 2 solid options, a 4-4-2 or a 4-5-1. With these 2 formations, Jamaica will be able to use their speed on the wing for penetrative crosses and they will be given more space and time on the ball in the middle, so Jamaica here will be able to compete better and create more genuine goal scoring opportunities.

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